Event, technology

Samsung 5G Fashion Show MBMFW


We created a unique event to showcase the capabilities of Samsung’s 5G-enabled mobile phones.

A fashion show held in two venues 10 km apart. Both catwalks were connected by Samsung 5G mobiles that captured the image of one catwalk show and sent it to 3×4-metre LED screens in the other location. The screen layout, the latency-free image delivery and the coordination of the models meant that the audience could see the two shows as one. Each time a model was hidden behind the screen, another one, from the other catwalk, appeared synchronised on the same screen. In this way, we were able to showcase the technology and the devices while also elevating the show to a unique event.

The result was an action that united technology, trend and impact.

Awards: Gold EventoPlus 20. Advertising Yearbook 20.