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Hybrid events, technology

VDF. Presentación del Estudio del Observatorio Vodafone de la Empresa 2020


A huge challenge was set for one of the agency’s favourite projects in 2021. For the fourth time, Vodafone entrusted us with designing one of its most important gatherings. And if every year it seeks to be different, on this occasion it was a must.
The restrictions imposed by the pandemic forced us to plan a hybrid event.
A presentation that brought together physical, augmented and virtual reality. Two presenters connected with the audience in an artificial setting. This augmented reality scenario changed according to the themes of the gathering.
Different working environments and the Studio’s graphics appeared in virtual reality.
The gathering showed how events have adapted to new formats to transmit information and stay in touch with the public through the latest audiovisual technologies.

Awards: Silver EventoPlus 21.